Is your P and K OK?

Is your P and K OK?

East Anglia farmers should not under estimate the amount of potash that they have removed from the soil when they have lifted bumper crops of sugar beet and other root crops.

Growers need to take into account the potential offtakes of P and K if they are achieving 10% higher than their average yield. To maintain soil reserves this removal should be replenished with their next fertilyoung green sugar beetiser dressing.

With over 30 years’ experience of recommending sugar beet and salt mix fertilisers to East Anglia based farmers, Origin Sales Manager Alan Gray has this advice:

“Most soil sampling will have been completed before sugar beet and root crops were planted, so the results may not accurately indicate the effect of this year’s bumper yields.

“80 tonne/ha of sugar beet removes 136 kilos of potash, so it stands to reason that a 10% increase in yield will have depleted the soil reserves by a similar 10% amount.

“When using soil sample results taken before the root crop was established, growers must not overlook the bumper offtake and should look to top up phosphate and potash when convenient, perhaps combined with N as an NPK fertiliser in the spring.”

Origin’s team of FACTS qualified sales staff and local agents are on hand to provide personal recommendations for East Anglia-based farmers. Contact Alan Gray on 07885 711848 or Enda Luttrell 07525 642091 for further details.