Quality Assurance

“Safety, security, traceability and quality are integral to all aspects of Origin Fertilisers business from our people to our products.”

Origin Enterprises PLC


Quality assurance relies on well trained, motivated and professional people
Origin Fertilisers is proud to have such a staff throughout the business


Origin Fertilisers has made significant investment in the administrative and operational processes that are essential to quality assurance and customer service


£3m pa invested in our 8 modern production sites
State-of-the-art blending, screening, coating & bagging….
….ensures clean, free flowing, size matched products
Computer controlled plants to ensure accuracy


Wide range from blends to complex compounds
AN, urea and OEN – not tied by production
Prescription products tailored for specific needs
Continuous product development
Backed by R & D programme

Key Aspect:
Nutrient analysis

Quality assurance procedures to ensure accurate analyses
Analyses of raw materials and finished products regularly checked
High water-soluble P2O5 – see next slide

Key Aspect:
Bag weights

Bag weights routinely checked and recorded during production
Checked by FIAS and audited by PAI

Key Aspect:
Liner thickness

Origin Fertilisers liners are thicker than industry average
Robust packaging to protect product qualit

Key Aspect:

All bags have a traceability coding system
Fully FIAS compliant to ensure product security

How available is your phosphate?

Crops take up phosphate in its water-soluble form
Phosphate in Origin blends is 92.5% water-soluble
Phosphate in compounds made using ‘Nitrophoska’ is typically 65 – 75% water-soluble
Check the level of water-soluble phosphate in NPK – at current prices it costs c. 70p per kg

Example: Origin 16-16-16 vs. Nitrophoska Compound 16-16-16
Origin 160kg P2O5 x 92.5% water-soluble = 148kg P2O5 x 70p per kg = £90.65 / tonne
Compound 160kg P2O5 x 75% water-soluble = 120kg P2O5 x 70p per kg = £73.50 / tonne

Additional value of Origin 16.16.16 vs. Nitrophoska Compound 16.16.16 = £17.15 / tonne

How Do We Know?

  • Quality assurance controls & training
  • Internal audits
  • External audits (FIAS, Auditors)
  • Regulatory inspection (HSE, Environment Agency, Trading Standards)

What’s on the bag?

  • Our name
  • Our reputation
  • Our assurance


What’s in the bag?

  • Integrity
  • Investment
  • Innovation