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Wolf Trax – Innovative Nutrients

Origin Fertilisers can incorporate a range of essential secondary and micro nutrients into any product using the unique and innovative Dry Dispersible Powder (DDP) technology from Wolf Trax Inc, Canada.

Wolf Trax DDPs enable Origin Fertilisers to expand the scope of soil applied crop nutrients beyond the traditional macro-nutrients: nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulphur. Using its wide range of raw materials in conjunction with Wolf Trax DDP, Origin can produce fertilisers containing up to 13 nutrients essential for plant, animal and human health in combinations tailored to suit specific soil, crop and livestock requirements.

Wolf Trax

Wolf Trax – how does it work?

EvenCoat™ Technology

Wolf Trax patented EvenCoat™ technology uses electro-static charges to evenly coat every individual fertiliser granule with nutrient. This ensures a uniform distribution of the nutrient across a field and maximum interception points with roots for early plant uptake, bridging the hunger gap between soil and foliar applied nutrients.

Wolf Trax EvenCoat™ creates 50 times more interception points compared to granular micro-nutrients

Dual-Action™ Availability

Wolf Trax innovative nutrients are formulated for
DUAL ACTION Availability, providing immediate
Plant uptake (within 48 hours) together with continuous feeding over time. This innovative formulation ensures nutrients are available to the plant and deficiencies are corrected during critical growth stages.

PlantActiv™ Formulation

PlantActiv formulation ensures Wolf Trax nutrients
are chemically and physically designed for better
plant availability and early uptake. Each product is
uniquely formulated to create optimal conditions for
maximum nutrient availability and uptake.

FlexUse™ Application

Many of the Wolf Trax DDP nutrients can be
applied in several different ways to provide an
integrated programme.

  • As a coating on granular fertilisers;
  • In liquid fertilisers;
  • As a foliar spray;

Wolf Trax Product Range

Origin Fertilisers can apply Wolf Trax nutrients either individually or in any combination up to 1% weight by weight, i.e. 10kg Wolf Trax per tonne. Wolf Trax DDP are available in a range of fertilisers for cereals, oilseed rape, grass, potatoes, maize, root crops and vegetables in ‘standard’ or ‘prescription’ blends to suit specific situations.

Visit www.wolftrax.com for further information.

Boron 18.5% B
Calcium 27% Ca
Copper 57.5% Cu
Iron 47% Fe
Magnesium 30% Mg
Manganese 33% Mn
Zinc 62% Zn

Trial data shows a synergistic yield response from an integrated soil Wolf Trax Manganese and foliar programme.

Spring Barley various Wolf Trax

Trial data shows a synergistic yield response from an integrated soil Wolf Trax Boron and foliar programme.

Winter OSR Wolf Trax Boron