What is VITA-grass?

VITA-grass is a new grassland fertiliser from Origin Fertilisers which provides a balanced supply of NPK and a range of essential micro-nutrients for optimum livestock health.

VITA-grass contains specially formulated selenium, copper and zinc to enrich both pasture and forage and increase the nutritional feeding value of the base diet.

VITA-grass is simple to use, cost effective and avoids additional handling of animals.


Essential for fertility, reproductive health, vitamin E function, optimum weight gain and the prevention of a wide range of diseases and subclinical problems.


Vital role in herd fertility, formation of blood components and a wide range of physiological functions.


Semen production, prevention of lameness, reduces incidence of mastitis.

VITA-grassSelcote Ultra Selenium Granules

VITA-grass uses Wolf Trax DDP (dry dispersible powder) technology to coat copper and zinc across 100% of the granules in the fertiliser. This ensures an even distribution in the soil profile, maximum inter-action with plant roots and optimum uptake.

Selenium is supplied as Selcote Ultra from New Zealand. UK farm trials have shown it to be a very effective source of selenium.

VITA-grass Product Range and Recommended Application Rates

There are two grades in the VITA-grass range which both contain selenium (Se), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn).

23-3-5 + Se, Cu & Zn
20-5-11 + 5% SO3 + Se, Cu & Zn
Both grades contain: Se, 10ppm; Cu 200ppm; Zn 200ppm

*Rates are purely advisory and local circumstances – including allowance for nutrients from organic manures – should be taken into account

Situation Product Timing Rate (kg/ha)
Early season grazing 23-3-5 4 – 6 weeks pre turnout 250
Seasonal grazing 23-3-5 After each grazing cycle 175 – 250
1st cut silage 20-5-11 + S 6 – 8 weeks before cutting 500 – 650
2nd and subsequent cuts 23-3-5 or 20-5-11 + S Immediately after cutting 375 – 500