What is Sweet-Beet

Sweet-Beet is a range of salt mix fertilisers combining innovative technologies specifically designed for high-yielding, high-quality sugar beet crops. Local FACTS qualified advisors will prescribe a Sweet-Beet product to match soil and crop needs.

Why use the Sweet-Beet range? 

  • Sweet-Beet is formulated to meet your field specific nutrient requirements
  • Sweet-Beet optimises crop establishment and yield potential
  • Sweet-Beet can provide any combination of P, K, S, Mg, Na and micro-nutrients using a range of specifically selected ingredients, including:
    • Magnesia Kainit(R), a unique product containing potash, magnesium, sodium and sulphur plus trace elements
    • Sylvinite, a naturally occuring high-quality potassium and sodium product
    • Polysulphate(TM), a unique multi-nutrient fertiliser containing sulphur, potassium, calcium and magnesium
    • Wolf Trax EvenCoat(R) technology to apply micro-nutrients, for example boron
  • Sweet-Beet is manufactured at Origin Great Yarmouth, by staff with a wealth of experience of producing sugar beet fertilisers

Product recommendations

Sweet-Beet can be manufactured to produce unique prescription fertilisers designed to match crop requirements. The recommendation table, based on RB209, shows some examples of Sweet-Beet grades designed for different soil circumstances.


The above recommendations are for guidelines only. Please consult your FACTS Qualified Advisor for a detailed recommendation based on your specific requirements and situation.

Using Wolf Trax(R) boron rather than traditional granular boron gives peace of mind that any boron deficiencies are being proactively addressed. Get the benefits of Wolf Trax(R) boron for no additional cost per ha.


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If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it

The British sugar beet review February 2018 talks about applying precision fertiliser practice to the application of knowledge and recommends doing “what we currently do, but better”.

A soil analysis is essential for providing the factual information required to build a nutrient programme. Based on the soil results, a prescription fertiliser can be formulated for your crop in order to optimise your potential yields.

By matching nutrient supply with crop demand, you can ensure that the appropriate level of nutrients
are available to maximise profitability on your farm. As well as analysing soil pH along with a measure of plant available phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, an Origin Sweet-Beet Standard+ analysis also
measures sodium and boron levels.

Origin Sweet-Beet Extra+ provides analysis on an extra 8 nutrients, giving you indepth knowledge of your soil. Using the soil results enables you to adapt your nutrient inputs to maintain soil indices at target levels and to achieve the best yields for your crop.

The interpretation and nutrient prescription should be made by an Origin FACTS Qualified Adviser.

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