Seleni-Start & Seleni-Grass

Simple Selenium Supplementation

What are Seleni-Start and Seleni-Grass? 

Seleni-Start and Seleni-Grass are grassland fertilisers enriched with granular Selenium specifically formulated to raise Selenium in pasture and forage to optimum levels for livestock health.

Why use Seleni-Start and Seleni-Grass? 

  • Selenium is essential for animal health
  • Selenium deficiency is linked to infertility, retained placentas, poor LWG and a wide range of sub-clinical symptoms
  • 90% of UK soils are deficient in Selenium
  • Pasture and silage typically contains only 10-20% of the Selenium levels required by livestock
  • Trials in the UK and Ireland have proved that Seleni-Start and Seleni-Grass can elevate and sustain Selenium levels in pasture, forage and animal bloods for optimal health and performance

Product recommendations



The above recommendations are for guidelines only. Please consult your FACTS Qualified Advisor for a detailed recommendation based on your specific requirements and situation.

Seleni Start

Product range

42.0.0 + 5% SO3 + Se

Seleni Grass

Product range

25.3.3 + Se

25.0.0 + 5% SO3 + Se

20.4.13 + 5% SO3 + Se

Selenium – an essential livestock nutrient

1. Selenium and livestock:

Selenium is an essential nutrient for livestock health and performance. Selenium deficiency can lead to potentially serious clinical disorders and production loss:
Retained placenta
White muscle disease
Ill-thrift, poor LWG and a range of auto-immune disorders

2. Selenium and grass:

  • Although grass does not need Selenium, it does take it up from the soil
  • 90% of UK soils are deficient in Selenium which is reflected in very low levels in grass
  • Adding granular Selenium to fertiliser elevates the Selenium level in pasture and forage which is reflected in higher blood Selenium levels
  • Higher levels of Selenium can be provided in the base diet throughout the year, enabling a reduction or elimination of other, more expensive forms of supplementation

Trials in the UK and Ireland have proved the efficacy of Seleni-Start and Seleni-Grass with improvements in fertility, less retained cleanings and higher LWG.

Pasture and blood selenium trial – Suckler Cows, Perthshire

Pasture and blood selenium trial Perthshire

3. Selenium in fertilisers:

Applying Selenium in fertilisers such as Seleni-Start and Seleni-Grass:

  • is simple and does not involve additional work
  • is cost effective compared to other forms of supplementation (c. 2p per head per day)
  • does not involve animal handling
  • helps improve residual soil Selenium levels


Seleni Grass

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Simple Selenium Supplementation