Origin SUSTAIN – Works

A comprehensive series of independent and replicated trials in the UK has compared crop yield from Origin SUSTAIN against ammonium nitrate. Trials have been conducted on full range of crops, including Wheat, Barley, Oilseed Rape, Sugar beet, Potatoes and Grass. Results from the replicated trials have shown Origin SUSTAIN performance is equal to or better than ammonium nitrate.

SUSTAIN has been used by farmers from John O’Groats to Lands End.

Origin SUSTAIN contains AGROTAIN(R), proven to be the most effective urease inhibitor on the market in minimising volatilisation. The active ingredient in AGROTAIN(R) is reviewed and registered by the European Commission.



Summary on Spring Barley AN versus SUSTAIN

AN at 40 kg/ha: 4.81 t/ha
SUSTAIN at 40 kg/ha: 5.79 t/ha
AN at 80 kg/ha: 6.67 t/ha
SUSTAIN at 80 kg/ha: 6.74 t/ha
AN at 130 kg/ha: 7.33 t/ha
SUSTAIN at 130 kg/ha: 7.62 t/ha
AN at 170 kg/ha: 8.07 t/ha
SUSTAIN at 170 kg/ha: 8.35 t/ha

SUSTAIN fertiliser gave a 6% increase in Spring Barley yield compared to ammonium nitrate when averaged across all treatments.