Introducing Origin SUSTAIN®

At Origin Fertilisers, our commitment to quality goes beyond results. We demand consistency year after year for proven, real value farmers can count on. SUSTAIN®, powered by AGROTAIN® is backed by years of research, strict independent testing and diligent quality assurance.






Mode of action


SUSTAIN® is an NBPT (N-(n-Butyl) Thiophosphoric Triamide) designed to manage volatilisation.  The NBPT molecule is the same shape as the urease enzyme. Where Sustain is applied to the soil surface, some of the enzymes bond with a NBPT molecule as oppose to a urea and so the break down of urea to ammonium is slowed down.

The more steady supply of ammonium means the plant is better available to take it up before it is potentially lost via volatilisation or nitrified to form nitrate.


Emissions – UK and Ireland


Independent research over multiple years in both the UK and Ireland has shown that urea treated with the urease inhibitor AGROTAIN® reduced emissions of ammonia and nitrous oxide.