Origin Enhanced-N

What Is Origin Enhanced-N?

Origin Enhanced-N – or OEN – is a range of high quality, granular N, NS and NPK fertilisers available across the UK from Origin Fertilisers network of local production plants.

OEN uses the power of NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertiliser Manager to stabilise the nitrogen content, reducing the risk of losses from volatilisation, leaching and nitrification.

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How Does Origin Enhanced-N Work?

By shielding nitrogen fertiliser from the soil enzymes and bacteria involved in volatilisation and nitrification, NutriSphere-N® holds more of the N supplied by OEN in the more stable ammonium form for longer. Holding nitrogen in its ammonium form for longer reduces losses to volatilisation and nitrification meaning a higher proportion of nutrient is available for plant uptake.

Visit www.VLSCi.com for more information on the mode of action of NutriSphere-N®.

Origin Enhanced-N – The Evidence

A comprehensive series of independent, fully replicated trials in the UK since 2010 has demonstrated OEN to be significantly better than urea in terms of crop response and as reliable and effective a source of N as ammonium nitrate (AN).

The graph below summarises the average results from a series of six independent trials on wheat run over two crop years in which OEN was compared against AN and urea.

Summary of 6 UK Trials on Wheat, 2010 – 11

AN: 11.3 t/ha
Urea: 10.6 t/ha
OEN: 11.3 t/ha

Average Yield (t/ha)

Taking a notional crop value of £170 per tonne, OEN gave a net increase of £87 per ha over urea.

OEN produced the same yield as AN with a fertiliser saving of £12 per ha and additional savings in reduced tonnages to handle and spread.

Origin Enhanced-N – Product Recommendations

Winter Cereals

Apply OEN 33N + 30SO3 as first spring dressing at 40 – 100kg N/ha according to crop requirement for early N, then top dress with OEN 46N up to total nitrogen requirement.

On light, sandy soils or situations where S is deficient, apply OEN 38N + 19 SO3 for first spring dressing and subsequent top-dressings up to total N requirement.

Winter Oilseed Rape

Apply OEN 33N + 30SO3 as first spring dressing at 300 – 350 kg/ha then top dress with OEN 46N up to total nitrogen requirement.

On light, sandy soils or situations where S is deficient, apply OEN 38N + 19 SO3 for first spring dressing and subsequent top-dressings up to total N requirement.

Grazed Grass

Apply OEN 33.7.7 @ 180 – 250 kg/ha for each grazing cycle to suit grass requirements, stocking rates, etc.

Apply OEN 46N or OEN 40N + Se where soil PK levels are high or high levels of manures are being applied.


Apply OEN 29.5.15 + 7 SO3 @ 380 – 430 kg/ha for first cut silage 6 – 8 weeks before cutting.

Apply OEN 28.0.18 + 10 SO3 @ 335 – 440 kg/ha for second cut silage immediately after first cut.

* The above recommendations are for guidelines only. Please consult your FACTS Qualified Advisor for a detailed recommendation suitable for your situation.

Origin Enhanced-N – Spreader Settings

Even and accurate spreading is integral to the overall effectiveness and agronomic performance of a fertiliser, with significant yield losses likely before visual symptoms of uneven spreading are apparent.

OEN uses high quality, size matched granules with a high crush strength to ensure even, accurate spreading with no nutrient segregation.

The spreader settings and quality of spread pattern of OEN has been independently assessed across the most popular fertiliser spreaders by experts, SCS.

Machine settings by spreader type have been established for 24m width and also for the maximum practical spread width for each machine.

Click on the products below to get spreader settings:

OEN 46.0.0
OEN 33.0.0 + 30 SO3

Origin Enhanced-N – The Benefits To Farmers

There are several agronomic, economic and practical benefits to farmers from using OEN, including:

  • Contains 33% more N than AN. Its higher concentration gives farmers financial savings in transport, storage, handling and spreading compared to AN.
  • Typically lower cost per kg of N than AN.
  • A viable alternative to AN and other sources of N fertiliser with the added advantage of being produced in our 8 sites across the UK and available for delivery from a network of local hauliers when you want it.
  • Independent trials have demonstrated the agronomic effectiveness of OEN giving farmers’ confidence to use it in the field. The product has been successfully used across thousands of hectares of different crops since its introduction into the UK in 2009.
  • Trials have shown the product extends the window of N application and allows for early season application without fear of nitrogen losses.
  • Independent spreading trials and assessments have demonstrated OEN can be evenly and accurately spread to 32m.
  • Spreader calibrations have been determined for a number of popular fertiliser spreaders. Refer to the section on spreading below for more details on spreader settings.
  • Bio-degrades in the soil over 9 – 10 months leaving no environmental footprint.
  • Reduces waste packaging and product handling from using fewer tonnes.
  • No security restrictions associated with transport, handling and storing the product.

Go compare the cost of OEN/KAN

Use the 3 calculations below to compare OEN/KAN fertiliser to ammonium nitrate or CAN.