Nitrogen compounds are subject to constant transformation and leaching processes in the soil. The optimal adapta-tion of nitrogen fertilizers to the current needs of plants is a key success factor for yields and quality. With ENTEC® fertilizers, the transformation of ammonium nitrogen into nitrate is delayed. The release of nitrogen is thus adapted to the plant’s needs and the fertilizer functions more efficiently.


ENTEC® fertilizers are nitrogenous mineral fertilizers containing the ammonium stabiliser DMPP. This slows down nitrification and therefore the ammonium nitrogen in the fertilizer is “stabilised in the soil”. In addition to the stabilised ammonium nitrogen, ENTEC® also always contains a proportion of nitrate so that it starts to work quickly. This means that the plant can absorb both types of nitrogen simultane-ously over a relatively long period and this increases the efficiency of the nitrogen fertilizer once it has been applied. ENTEC® fertilizers are available in the form of nitrogen-sulphur fertilizers and as com-plex fertilizers on the basis of Nitrophos/Nitrophoska®. All ENTEC® products are characterised by the high quality of their grains, which guarantee problem-free storage and precise application.

The Advantages at a Glance

Better exploitation of N through adapted delivery of nitrogen
Additional nitrate content for rapid effect on application
Reduced washing away and shifting of nitrogen
Secure supply of nitrogen whatever the weather
Economic benefits by bringing the application of doses of nitrogen forward and together
Work and cost saving through fewer applications of fertiliser
Significantly reduced gaseous nitrogen losses

Ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen are of particular importance in achieving a balanced supply of nitrogen. In principle, plants can use both forms of nitrogen. However, as far as their effect is concerned, the two forms of nitrogen differ: ammonium nitrate is less mobile in the soil as a nitrate. Within the soil it is bound to the surfaces of clay and topsoil particles. As a result of this binding, ammonium-N only shifts a little in the soil. The plant roots therefore have to grow onto the ammonium, before it can be absorbed in the immediate root area. Ammonium therefore works more slowly in the soil than nitrate nitrogen. Nitrate is mobile in the soil and, with the soil solution, easily reaches the plant roots. As a result of this high level of mobility, the possibility also exists for the ammonium to leach into deeper layers of soil. This is particularly the case with light, skeleton-rich soils, large amounts of precipitation (including sprinkler irrigation) and crops whose roots develop slowly or which have low root density.

ENTEC® The Ammonium Stabiliser (DMPP)

In the soil, ammonium is transformed by bacteria via nitrite into nitrate. This transformation (nitrification) may take hours or days, depending on the properties of the soil and the temperature. Therefore, regardless of the form of nitrogen applied as a fertiliser, almost exclusively nitrate is available to the plant root.

This rapid transformation is slowed down through the use of an ammonium stabiliser. An ammonium stabiliser is a substance that delays nitrification. With ENTEC®, nitrification is prolonged by up to ten weeks. The transformation into nitrate is continuous, depends on the temperature and is thus automatically adapted to the growth of the plant. During this period, the nitrogen is protected from leaching, being washed away and gaseous losses.


The unique way in which ENTEC® products work makes it possible to schedule the application of nitrogen fertiliser flexibly. On the one hand, the joint application of N doses constitutes a great economic benefit and is therefore attractive to many farms. On the other hand, ENTEC® products ensure the optimal supply of nitrogen in all weather conditions (e.g. during wet or dry periods) through bringing fertiliser application deadlines forward or together.

ENTEC® offers all these benefits for all agricultural and vegetable crops as well as in the cultivation of grapes and fruit. The comprehensive ENTEC® product range offers the right solution for all types of farms and is easily integrated into existing fertiliser systems.