Gafsa product range

Gafsa – what is it?

Gafsa is the world’s most reactive soft rock phosphate which means it starts releasing plant-available phosphate straight after application as well as providing a sustained release of nutrients for 3-4 years.

Gafsa – why use it?

√ Naturally soluble = no losses due to lock up in the soil or leaching
√ Improves sward palatability = tighter grazing and higher dry matter intakes
√ Encourages clover = fixes ‘free’ nitrogen and improves feed value
√ Rich source of secondary nutrients and trace elements = improves soil fertility and enriches the nutritional value and palatability of grass and forages


Gafsa product range:

Gafsa is a steady release powder dressing with a high level of phosphate. Natural secondary and trace elements are a valuable
feature which is supplied in an easy to handle, fine, form. (P) denotes Powder























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