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GAFSA Basic (Org) 0-29.5-0 powered, Phosmin (Org) 0-27-0, Natural 2 (Org) 0-18-17 and Natural 3 (Org) 0-13-26 are Soil Association approved.

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Polysulphate® is a versatile and valuable source of prolonged release Sulphur (S), containing Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) in soluble, readily absorbed forms.

Polysulphate® is fully approved for organic use, contains low levels of chloride and has a lower carbon footprint than standard practice.

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ESTA® Kieserit
  • ESTA® Kieserit gran is a source of Magnesium and Sulphur

  • It contains 15% (25% MgO) Magnesium and 21% (50% SO3) Sulphur

  • It is a fast acting water soluble fertiliser which is available to plants at all pH’s

  • ESTA® Kieserit gran is, as a crude salt, approved according to regulation (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 for use in organic farming systems

  • ESTA Kieserit gran is available as a straight or can be included in a blend

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  • Sulphate of Potash containing Magnesium Salt, with S 30/10.
  • Patentkali is a unique potash based fertiliser developed by combining fully soluble and naturally occurring minerals to produce the optimum nutrient ratio for potatoes, vegetables and fruit crops.
  • It has been developed to maximise the efficiency of nutrient usage by providing three macronutrients in combination thereby adequately securing the crops requirements for the duration of the growth period.
  • Patentkali is a complex compound fertiliser (CCF) in granular form which means that every granule contains all the nutrients present for maximum availability and nutrient distribution.
  • Patentkali will spread with a uniform pattern at bout widths up to 36m.



Magnesia-Kainit is a mined potash crude salt with natural magnesium and sulphur from kieserite.

It is extracted from natural crude salt deposits in Germany.

Magnesia-Kainit is soluble in water and immediately available to plants.

The analysis of Magnesia-Kainit is 0-0-9 + 4MgO + 35Na2O + 9SO3. It is used as a raw material in many of our NUTRI-MATCH prescription blends.

Magnesia Kainit is organically registered.

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Sulphate of Potash
  • Sulphate of Potash - 50% K2O is water-soluble potassium oxide 45% SO3 water-soluble sulphur trioxide
  • Sulphate of Potash gran. is a highly concentrated two nutrient fertiliser with 50% K2O and 18% S as sulphate
  • Sulphate of Potash gran. is water-soluble, so that the nutrients K and S are immediately plant available
  • Sulphate of Potash gran. is almost chloride free and therefore ideal for chloride sensitive crops
  • Sulphate of Potash gran. has a low salt index and thus is especially suitable for valuable special purpose crops in intensive cropping systems
  • Sulphate of Potash gran. is, as a crude salt, approved according to regulation (EC) 834/2007 for use in organic farming systems