Natural Nutrition PKS BioPHOS


Cost effective alternative to standard PK

0-16-16 + 11.5 SO3, 29 CaO, 1 MgO + organic acids and bio-stimulants

0-14-20 + 11.5 SO3, 26 CaO, 1 MgO + organic acids and bio-stimulants

Plant available phosphate, potash, sulphur, calcium and magnesium from natural minerals enriched with organic acids and bio-stimulants to optimise winter cereal establishment

Combines the benefits of a new unique phosphate, BioPHOS, and Polysulphate

Mineral phosphate activated by humic & fulvic acids and sorbitol

NEW FOR 2022

Reactive mineral phosphate granules

NEW FOR 2022

Humic and fulvic acids are natural organic acids derived from Leonardite mineral deposits in North Dakota: 

  • Stimulate soil microbial activity
  • Stimulate production of plant growth hormones, example auxins and indoleacetic acid
  • Increase nutrient retention through high cation exchange capacity

Sorbitol carboxylic acid is a natural carbohydrate:

  • Enhances plant resistance to disease and stress
  • Increases the availability of nutrients within the soil


multi-nutrient granular fertiliser containing sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium

Phased release

Sulphur is released over a 55-day period, preventing potential leaching losses
Phased release