Sweetgrass Overview

Sweetgrass is a high-N grassland fertiliser specifically designed to increase sward palatability and maximise milk and meat production from grass for optimum economic returns

See below overviews of our Sweetgrass trial work.

  • is a 23% nitrogen +5% sulphur enriched with 5% sodium that improves the quality of grass.
  • It is for dairy, sheep and beef farmers looking to save money while increasing milk yield, live weight gain and animal health
  • Sweetgrass has the RB209 recommended amount of sodium and has a lower carbon footprint than standard practice
  • It contains more sodium than other fertiliser products on the market where the sodium level is too low to declare
  • It is tried, tested and proven in the UK and Ireland

17.6% live weight gain

Lambs grazing on grass treated with Sweetgrass gave an accumulative weight gain of 17.6% over those grazing on grass treated with ammonium nitrate

5.4% more dry matter

Produced 5.4% more grass forage and improved mineral balance when compared to a complex compound nitrogen sodium brand

62% more sodium

Sweetgrass plus Selenium increased sodium levels by 62% and selenium levels by 400%

K reduced by 25%

Sweetgrass plus Selenium improved all
nutrient ratios at Scotsheep host farm

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