Selenigrass is a grassland fertiliser enriched with granular selenium (Se), specifically formulated to raise selenium in pasture and forage to optimum levels for livestock performance.

For dairy, sheep and beef farmers

Who are looking to improve animal performance by raising blood selenium levels within their livestock

Our product is a grassland fertiliser enriched with granular selenium

Better than other methods of selenium supplementation which are less cost-effective

Our solution boosts selenium levels in the soil, forage and the animal's blood

It is tried, tested and proven in the UK and Ireland


What is Selenigrass?

Selenigrass is a grassland fertilisers enriched with granular selenium specifically formulated to raise selenium in pasture and forage to optimum levels for livestock health.

Why use Selenigrass?

  • Selenium is essential for animal health
  • Selenium deficiency is linked to infertility, retained placentas, poor LWG and a wide range of sub-clinical symptoms
  • 90% of UK soils are deficient in Selenium
  • Pasture and silage typically contains only 10-20% of the Selenium levels required by livestock
  • Trials in the UK and Ireland have proved that Selenigrass can elevate and sustain Selenium levels in pasture, forage and animal bloods for optimal health and performance


Assessing the effect of selenium fertiliser on herbage Se levels in grass

SELENIGRASS is a grassland fertiliser range enriched with granular selenium (Se) contained within many of our NUTRI-MATCH blends. Below are some example grades:
SELENI-START 42-0-0 + 5 SO3 + SeApply for early grazing 6-8 weeks before turn out
SELENIGRASS 25-3-3 + SeApply for each grazing cycle and directly after cutting for rapid re-growth
SELENIGRASS 25-0-0 + 5 SO3 + SeApply for rotational grazing where high levels of slurry are being applied or soil P and K status is high
SELENIGRASS 20-4-13 + 5 SO3 + SeApply for silage 6-8 weeks before cutting
The above is for guidance only. Please consult your FACTS Qualified Advisor for a detailed recommendation based on your specific requirements and situation
Need a Carbon Footprint?

Our aim is to provide specific carbon footprints for our products, improving accuracy for recording and reporting. NUTRI-CO2OL, our independently ADAS verified carbon footprint model, was developed to account for changes in raw material sourcing, production and blending sites.

An indicative carbon footprint for Selenigrass is below. Contact us quoting the bag code on your bag tie for an accurate carbon footprint.

Need Help to Set Your Spreader?

Need some information to help you set your spreader?

We produce over 13,000 different analyses across our 12 sites from a range of long-term partner suppliers. This makes it difficult for us to supply standard spreader settings.

Our rigorous checks on raw materials enable us to provide some important indicators about our prescription blends to help guide you when setting your spreader.

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