Introducing NUTRI-OSR

20-35-0 + OEP + MICRO-MATCH Boron

specifically designed to optimise establishment of winter oilseed rape by matching its early nutrient requirements.

  • Provides balanced nutrition
  • Matches Nmax 
  • Matches phosphate typical crop requirements 
  • Provides Boron for up to 10 weeks

Immediate and longer uptake of N

Nitrogen is in both nitrate and ammonium form and matches Nmax 30kg/ha N
= optimum to get to GAI 1 by start of winter
NEW FOR 2021

Protects P from soil lock up

OEP matches typical crop requirements and is more available for uptake
= No excess phosphate
NEW FOR 2021

Optimum B availability

MICRO-MATCH is evenly coated onto every granule and provides Boron for up to 10 weeks
= Bridges the 'hunger gap' until autumn foliar B is applied
NEW FOR 2021

Are you applying too much phosphate to your OSR?

DAP applied to 30kg/ha N (Nmax) supplies 77kg/ha P2O5, which is significantly higher than the 50 – 60kg/ha P2O5 removed in most OSR crops. The July 2021 edition of PDA’s ‘Potash News’ highlights this over-application of phosphate to OSR – see figure 1a. Phosphate Balances (on fields where applied) Eng & Wales 2015-2019

Can you better manage OSR nutrition?

Why should I use NUTRI-OSR?

NUTRI-OSR v DAPApplication rate kg/haNitrogen kg/haAmmonium and Nitrate N?Phosphate kg/haProtected P?Boron?
20-35-0 + OEP + Boron





Matches Nmax 30kg/ha N


Nitrogen in both nitrate and ammonium forms


Optimum to get to GAI 1 by start of winter


Immediate and  longer uptake


Matches typical crop requirements for P

OEP protects P from being locked up in the soil



No excess

More is available for uptake


MICRO-MATCH Boron is evenly coated on to every granule

Provides Boron for up to 10 weeks


Optimum distribution and uptake

Bridges the ‘hunger gap’ until autumn foliar B is applied

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