Origin Enhanced-P is an additive for phosphorous (P) containing fertilisers, designed to prevent phosphorous from being fixed into forms which are unavailable for plant uptake

For arable, dairy, sheep and beef farmers

Who are looking for higher yields, better crop establishment and a better return from the phosphorous applied

Our product contains Avail technology and can be coated onto any phosphorous containing fertiliser

Better availability than untreated phosphate where >75% of the P fertiliser is unavailable to the crop in the season of application

Our solution has been shown to reduce phosphorous fixation by 10-15%

It is tried, tested and proven in the UK and Ireland

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What is OEP?

OEP contains AVAIL, a phosphorous fertiliser enhancer. It has been specifically designed to protect fertiliser P from being fixed into unavailable forms in the soil by antagonistic elements such as iron, aluminium, calcium and magnesium.

By reducing the risk of fixation, OEP increases the availability of fertiliser applied phosphorous for greater uptake by the crop. This enhanced nutrient efficiency can lead to improved crop establishment, higher yields and better overall returns on P fertilisers.

AVAIL is coated onto granular phosphorous and is available in any fertiliser grade containing P, providing a simple solution to a complex problem – as evidenced by extensive independent UK field trials.

How does OEP work?

Plants take up phosphorous in its water-soluble phosphate form. Phosphate has a strong negative charge which fixes it to positively charged metals in the soil, e.g. iron and aluminium in acidic soils and calcium and magnesium in alkaline soils. The AVAIL coating is negatively charged and absorbs the positive antagonists, thereby shielding the phosphate from becoming fixed.

What effect does OEP have?

Independent work from Harper Adams University College showed better rooting, giving greater yield potential. 3 weeks from planting there was over a 40% increase in root mass where OEP with AVAIL treated phosphate was used.

What difference does OEP make?

In study after study, OEP with AVAIL has been shown to reduce phosphate fixation and boost potential yields – as much as 10-15%.

Need trial data?


Comparing the average yield increase from OEP against other phosphates on a range of crops



Comparing wheat yields of OEP against DAP



Comparing maize yields from a lower rate of OEP against standard practice DAP

OEP is a designed to prevent phosphorous from being fixed into forms which are unavailable for plant uptake contained within many of our NUTRI-MATCH blends. Below are some example grades:
MAXI-MAIZE 14.5-37-3 + OEP + 9.6 SO3 + 3.4 CaO + 1.2 MgO + B, Mn & ZnA starter fertiliser
19-40-0 + 5 SO3 + OEP + B, Mn & ZnA starter fertiliser
TSP: 0-46-0 + OEPImproves efficiency of TSP
DAP: 18-46-0 + OEPImproves efficiency of DAP
The above is for guidance only. Please consult your FACTS Qualified Advisor for a detailed recommendation based on your specific requirements and situation
Need More Technical Information?

What is OEP with AVAIL?

OEP is phosphate treated with AVAIL Enhancer, a water-soluble additive for granular phosphorus fertiliser that enables phosphate to remain free in the soil, providing opportunity for greater plant uptake with minimal costs. OEP with AVAIL is the only phosphorus fertiliser enhancement of its kind.

What are the major benefits of OEP?

Research has shown 75 to 95 percent of phosphorus fertiliser is tied up, or fixed, in the soil. OEP with AVAIL is a revolutionary technology that helps solve the long-standing problem of poor phosphate availability. It provides:
  • Greater phosphate efficiencies
  • Improved yield potential
  • Increased profitability.

Does OEP tie up the nutrients in the soil?

OEP is only effective in the very small zone around the phosphorus. It does not change the overall nutrient availability in the soil.

For crop producers, what are the benefits of OEP?

Numerous research studies have been conducted on the effects of OEP with AVAIL on key crops, including cereals, potatoes, oilseed rape, maize, onions and sugar beet.

What are the relevant crops for which OEP may be applied?

OEP is currently being applied with proven response to barley, carrots, grass, maize, oilseed rape, onions, potatoes, red beet and wheat.

What is the environmental impact of OEP?

There is no environmental footprint with the use of OEP with AVAIL. It is a water-soluble and biodegradable phosphorus-enhancement product. Studies show that the AVAIL polymer is destroyed during the 12 to 15-month period between field crops, with no residual effect on subsequent crops.

Can OEP be leached out of the fertiliser application zone by rain or excessive moisture?

Work with flooded rice has shown that AVAIL technology gives season-long protection without being moved out of the nutrient zone by rain or irrigation.

Should I broadcast or place OEP?

OEP is effective in both broadcasting and placement/banding applications.

Should OEP be used in the autumn or spring?

Research shows that OEP is equally effective applied in the autumn as it is in the spring.

The AVAIL technology was developed in the US. Is it effective in the UK?

Phosphate fixation is a global issue, and OEP is proven to work in any crop, soil type and climate. See our trial data that shows OEP is just as effective in the UK as anywhere.
Need a Carbon Footprint?

Our aim is to provide specific carbon footprints for our products, improving accuracy for recording and reporting. NUTRI-CO2OL, our independently ADAS verified carbon footprint model, was developed to account for changes in raw material sourcing, production and blending sites. 

An indicative carbon footprint for OEP is below. Contact us quoting the bag code on your bag tie for an accurate carbon footprint.

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We produce over 17,000 different analyses across our 12 sites from a range of long-term partner suppliers. This makes it difficult for us to supply standard spreader settings.

Our rigorous checks on raw materials enable us to provide some important indicators about our prescription blends to help guide you when setting your spreader.

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