Origin Enhanced Nitrogen (OEN) is a registered nitrogen stabiliser proven to reduce nitrate leaching and ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions.

For arable, dairy, sheep and beef farmers

Who are looking to achieve yields equal to or better than nitrates at a lower cost per hectare

Our product is enhanced with NUTRISPHERE-N, a proven co-polymer that protects nitrogen by shielding it from soil enzymes

Better than other nitrogen stabilisers as it is available in a range of NPK grades

Our solution is dual acting and manages reduces both losses to water and the atmosphere

It is tried, tested and proven in the UK and Ireland

Want to know more?

OEN is urea with NutriSphere-N®, a dual-action nitrogen protector minimising losses through volatilisation, leaching and nitrification. It is a urease inhibitor designed to protect yield, achieve quality and save money. It is available as a straight N and in a range of NS, NK and NPK grades.


  • Yield performance consistently equal to ammonium nitrate across a wide range of crops and soil types
  • Enhanced by NutriSphere-N®, a registered nitrogen stabiliser
  • Proven in UK and Ireland trials on wheat, barley, OSR and grassland
  • Used across UK and Ireland farms as a straight nitrogen, in a range of NS grades and in NPKs


  • Free flowing granular product
  • Proven to spread evenly to 32m and beyond
  • Spreads with all major machines
  • One-third higher nitrogen concentration than AN means you can use less fertiliser for faster spreading


  • Does not have the handling, regulatory and storage challenges of AN

Hear Nutrition Agronomist Abby Kellett explain why OEN is the choice of nitrogen on her Northumberland family farm 

Need trial data?


Grass dry matter yield comparison between different N sources



Spring Barley crop yield comparison between different N sources



Winter Wheat crop yield comparison between different N sources

Need More Technical Information?

What is OEN with the power of NUTRISPHERE?

NUTRISPHERE is a proven co-polymer that protects nitrogen by shielding it from the soil enzymes and bacteria associated with N losses to water and the environment. It is proven by the University of Bologna.

How does it protect the nitrogen?

It holds the nitrogen in the ammonium form for longer.

Is it registered in the EU?

NUTRISPHERE-N is authorised in France as an agronomic additive nitrogen stabiliser that improves the uptake and availability of nitrogen in the plant. It was compliant under German Fertiliser law to increase nutrient efficiency, and it is registered in Greece as a nitrogen stabiliser for urea.

How is it different to other urease inhibitors?

It is dual acting and reduces nitrate leaching as well as ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions.

Does it reduce emissions? 

  • Reduces ammonia losses by 25% - source Chemex Environmental International Ltd, Cambridge, cumulative ammonia mg/l by day 18
  • Reduces nitrate oxide losses by 54% compared to UAN - source California Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Reduces nitrate losses by 45% compared to UAN - source NIAB TAG and John Innes Centre

Is OEN proven in the UK and Ireland? 

In 41 independent UK and Ireland yield trials, OEN gave performance equal to or better than nitrates.

Can OEN increase nitrogen use efficiency?

OEN increased NUE by 15% in grass, source RALA trial, and compared to CAN, and by 4.5% in wheat compared to UAN, source NIAB TAG and John Innes Centre. 

Is NUTRISPHERE used elsewhere in the world?

It is applied globally on over 29 million hectares.

Is OEN stable in the bag and on the soil?

OEN is compatible with NPKs, and has a shelf life of 12 months.

Are there specific restrictions for storing on farm?

No, OEN does not have the same transport or storage restrictions as AN.

What environmental impact does OEN have on the soil?

The polymer in OEN has no environmental impact and is biodegradable. In a trial by the University of Athens, NUTRISPHERE-N improved soil bacteria survival by 10% compared to urea. 


OEN is the nitrogen source in many of our NUTRI-MATCH blends
OEN 46%A proven nitrogen stabiliser
OEN 40N 14SO3A stabilised NS grade
OEN 38N 19SO3
OEN 33N 30SO3
OEN 35-0-3.5 + 11.5 SO3 + 4 CaO + 1.4 MgOMulti-nutrient range bringing together the benefits of OEN and POLYSULPHATE
OEN 31-0-5 + 16 SO3 + 5.6 CaO + 2 MgO
OEN 26-0-16 + 10 SO3 + 3.5 CaO + 1.2 MgO
OEN 23-0-7 + 24 SO3 + 8.5 CaO + 3 MgO
OEN NPK grades
OEN 28-0-14 + 10 SO3 + 3.5 CaO + 1.2 MgO
OEN 27-3-3 + 10 SO3 + 3.5 CaO + 1.2 MgO
OEN 25-0-13 + 8 SO3 + 5 Na2O + 3 CaO + 1 MgO
Need a Carbon Footprint?

Our aim is to provide specific carbon footprints for our products, improving accuracy for recording and reporting. NUTRI-CO2OL, our independently ADAS verified carbon footprint model, was developed to account for changes in raw material sourcing, production and blending sites. 

An indicative carbon footprint for OEN is below. Contact us quoting the bag code on your bag tie for an accurate carbon footprint.

Need Help to Set Your Spreader?

We produce over 13,000 different analyses across our 12 sites from a range of long-term partner suppliers. This makes it difficult for us to supply standard spreader settings for every grade. 

Our rigorous checks on raw materials enable us to provide some important indicators about the blend to help guide you when setting your spreader. 

Contact us for details about your specific Origin grade. 

Spreader setting

OEN 46% spreader calibration


Spreader setting

OEN 33N 30SO3 spreader calibration