a liquid biological slurry and AD digestate additive designed to increase nutrient recovery and ammonium N levels while also reducing ammonia emissions

For farmers with slurry or AD digestate plants

Who are looking to increase nutrient recovery while also reducing ammonia emissions

Our product is a unique additive produced by fermentation in an easy-to-use liquid

Contains aerobic and faculative bacteria, enzymes and nutrients

Our solution reduces ammonia concentration, odour, crusts and solids

It is tried, tested and proven in the UK and Ireland to improve soil fertility

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What is DIGEST-IT?

DIGEST-IT is a microbial inoculant added to slurry that increases nutrient recovery from slurry, reduces ammonia emissions from slurry and grows better quality crops, by improving soil health.

Why use DIGEST-IT in slurry?

In DIGEST-IT, a mixture of molasses, sugars and seaweed are added into a natural mother culture derived from slurry and soil. Composting, facultative and aerobic bacteria are the result of this process of fermentation. The benefits of using DIGEST-IT in slurry include:

  • Reduces fuel costs, consumption and time required to agitate and pump slurry
  •  Reduces smell from fresh slurry when agitating or spreading
  • Reduces surface crusting
  • Reduces ammonia emissions from slurry
  • Converts solids into plant-available liquid nutrients
  • Improves fertiliser nutrient levels
  • Improves soil fertility
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What is DIGEST-IT?

DIGEST-IT provides a rich food source for microbes as well as dormant aerobic bacteria species that are able to feed on and use the ammonia gas as a source of nitrogen to grow, thus turning it into microbial nitrogen. DIGEST-IT breaks down the solids in the organic material, decreasing chances of blockages during spreading.

Why use DIGEST-IT in digestate?

DIGEST-IT captures ammoniacal nitrogen that is continually being volatilised into the atmosphere as ammonia. The composting microbes that are present break down the dry solid matter and convert the released ammonia into organic and ammonium nitrogen. Benefits of using DIGEST-IT in digestate include:

  • Grows better quality crops
  • Increases NUE
  • Reduces agitation time
  • Reduces odour when spreading
  • Easier to pump and apply = Handling benefits and lower fuel costs
  • Reduces solid matter in liquid digestate by 29% and increases the available ammonium nitrogen fraction by 20%
  • Improves soil health by supplying "good" microbes to the soil
  • Is kinder to the soil organisms living in your soil, including worms
  • Has a lower Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) than untreated slurry
  • More quickly absorbed into the soil = lower risk of N losses to atmosphere
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Assessing if DIGEST-IT would increase the ammonium nitrogen content and reduce the dry solid % within AD liquid digestate

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How do I use DIGEST-IT?

DIGEST-IT is simply poured into the lagoon/tower/store as a single application 8-12 weeks prior to spreading. 20L DIGEST-IT treats 100,000 gallons (454m3) of slurry or digestate. The quantity of DIGEST-IT required is worked out based on the store's full capacity. It is recommended to agitate post-application, but it is not a necessity and won't affect the efficacy of the product.