Modern Slavery Statement 2020

Our business

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of Fertilisers to Agriculture and Amenity sectors throughout Great Britain, we produce a comprehensive range of NPK, prescription blends, straights and micro-nutrient products. In addition to commodity Fertilisers, the company is committed to developing innovative and technologically enhanced crop nutrition products and services with the objective of improving crop yields, crop quality and farmer returns. Origin Fertilisers and PB Kent are trading name of Origin UK Operations Limited.

Our ethical standards

Origin UK Operations Limited (trading as Origin Fertilisers and PB Kent) is committed to conducting itself with the highest ethical and legal standards. We ensure that the operations within the business and its supply chain meet those standards at all times and are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

We are aware that Human traffickers and illegal / unlicensed gang-masters target a range of industries including those involved in the Agricultural sector. It remains important therefore that we maintain our vigilance and activities, inclusive of those highlighted below. Nevertheless, we also recognise that continuous improvement is important and that a UK government review took place in 2019, this resulted in a number of additional recommendations which we will closely review the output of, in due course. With effect in 2020, Origin UK Operations has set up a new quarterly update with key functions to review progress with existing actions, review
achievements and further opportunities and any direction from the government.

• We require new suppliers, as part of an onboarding process, to read and accept our stance in relation to preventing Modern Slavery.

• We ask new and existing suppliers to complete a new MSA form, which is designed to assess the supplier’s understanding of Modern Slavery and also any risks that may be apparent in the supply chain.

• Further to any centralised processes, individual functional leaders are responsible for the compliance of their own set of suppliers helping to achieve a closer understanding of the business operations and risks of suppliers. In 2020, we will be introducing more guidance for internal functions on Modern Slavery prevention in the supply chain, and introducing audits/reporting in respect of supplier compliance.

• 2020 also sees the launch of a new policy on MSA which brings together all processes and policy principles into one document, review year-on-year developments and document any changes for the year ahead.


• Origin UK Operations continues to provide and update information for its employees about the risks, what to look out for, and enables employees to report issues that they identify via it’s Whistleblowing process, which is detailed on notice boards on all sites and on the shared network. New starters receive relevant information upon joining the Company, within their induction, to ensure awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking, right from the outset of their employment with us.
• Continuation of our internal ‘risk checks’ to ensure that any permanent or seasonal employment (for our 350 strong workforce, based at various sites within the UK including our production facilities) does not contravene our own ethical standards, or any legislation or government guidance.

• We promptly answer questions posed by our customers in respect of the Modern Slavery Act who wish to know more about our operations and / or our supply chain.

Our supply chain

We are a manufacturer and distributor and our supply chain is global in its reach. We source from manufacturers directly or through intermediaries. Many of our suppliers are large in scale with deemed low-risk of noncompliance to the Modern Slavery Act, however, as a Company we remain vigilant to all risks, particularly in small-scale businesses in whose sector there may sometimes be a higher risk of unlicensed manual labour.

Company procedures

Origin UK Operations Limited is committed to ensuring our supply chain is free from human rights abuses. We actively welcome comments and suggestions from anyone within our supply chain about how we can improve our operations or further reduce any risks in our supply chain. If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact us by emailing us on:

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Robert Beeney


31st January 2020

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Michael Pater

Managing Director – Origin Fertilisers

31st January 2020


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Chris Clark

Managing Director – Origin Amenity

31st January 2020