Origin KAN

What is Origin KAN?

Origin KAN is a range of high quality N and NS granular fertilisers manufactured in the UK. It is designed to minimise volatilisation loss associated with the urea form of nitrogen.

Origin KAN is powered by AGROTAIN® technology and is proven in numerous UK trials.

Origin KAN stabilises nitrogen against volatilisation loss so it remains available for the crop.



Origin KAN – Works

A comprehensive series of independent and replicated trials in the UK has compared crop yield from Origin KAN against ammonium nitrate. Trials have been conducted on full range of crops, including Wheat, Barley, Oilseed Rape, Sugar beet, Potatoes and Grass. Results from the replicated trials have shown Origin KAN performance is equal to or better than ammonium nitrate.

KAN has been used by farmers from John O’Groats to Lands End.

Origin KAN contains AGROTAIN(R), proven to be the most effective urease inhibitor on the market in minimising volatilisation. The active ingredient in AGROTAIN(R) is reviewed and registered by the European Commission.



Summary on Spring Barley AN versus KAN

AN at 40 kg/ha: 4.81 t/ha
KAN at 40 kg/ha: 5.79 t/ha
AN at 80 kg/ha: 6.67 t/ha
KAN at 80 kg/ha: 6.74 t/ha
AN at 130 kg/ha: 7.33 t/ha
KAN at 130 kg/ha: 7.62 t/ha
AN at 170 kg/ha: 8.07 t/ha
KAN at 170 kg/ha: 8.35 t/ha

A three-year trial by government agencies in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland showed that switching to KAN would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 73% when compared to nitrate-based


KAN fertiliser gave a 6% increase in Spring Barley yield compared to ammonium nitrate when averaged across all treatments.


Origin KAN – Spreads

Even and accurate spreading is integral to the overall effectiveness and agronomic performance of a fertiliser, with significant yield losses likely before visual symptoms of uneven spreading are apparent.

Origin KAN uses high quality, size matched granules with a high crush strength to ensure even, accurate spreading with no nutrient segregation.

The spreader settings and quality of spread pattern of KAN has been independently assessed across the most popular fertiliser spreaders by experts, SCS.

Click on the links below to get spreader settings:

Link to Origin KAN Amazone spreader settings

Link to Origin KAN KRM spreader settings

Link to Origin KAN Vicon, Accord and Teagle spreader settings

Link to Origin KAN Kuhn and Sulky spreader settings






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Origin KAN – Saves

There are several agronomic, economic and practical benefits to farmers from using Origin KAN, including:

  • Contains 33% more N than AN. Its higher concentration gives farmers financial savings in transport, storage, handling and spreading compared to AN.
  • Typically lower cost per kg of N than AN.
  • Reduces waste packaging and product handling from using fewer tonnes.
  • No security restrictions associated with transport, handling and storing the product.

Go compare the price of OEN/KAN

Use the 3 calculations below to compare OEN/KAN fertiliser to ammonium nitrate or CAN.